Three Major Dangers You Face When Taking Payments Through PayPal/Merchant Services:

Posted on August 21, 2013

Frozen Accounts: An internet search brings up any number of dissatisfied PayPal users and their problems. In fact judging from the volume of disasters experienced, it’s surprising that many online sellers are still effectively risking their income through taking their payments through PayPal. Here’s one account showing the dangers of the randomly frozen PayPal account, from PayPal An online seller’s account is suddenly closed for 180 days, believe it or not due to high volume of sales passing into the account.  PayPal follow their usual practice of demanding large amounts of business documentation, and the seller supplies them; this results in the account being frozen anyway. It gets worse still. The seller then attempts to refund the money to their latest buyer, given that the transaction can no longer take place due to the frozen PayPal account.  This results in PayPal taking the money from the seller’s personal account rather than their PayPal account, meaning they have been charged twice for the amount they…

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