Card Declined: Problems With Taking Card Payments For Online Sales

Posted on April 25, 2014

Selling goods online, whether through online listings sites such as eBay or via your own website or e-commerce platform, requires constant attention to security with regard to which payments are secure and which are potential scams, especially for those who are relatively new to the whole process.  The abundance of potential scams and opportunities for fraud in the current e-commerce market means that sellers need security measures in place to flag up possibly fraudulent transactions, and this in turn requires an understanding of why certain transactions will be declined. Why Payments Decline:  E-commerce Security. Beyond a straight forward lack of funds in the buyer’s bank account, there are numerous reasons why a customer’s payment may be declined, and understanding these is an essential part of conducting online business securely: You can’t be fully secure in your transactions without payment processing security measures in place, but you also need to be…

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